The State of the Reefs of Bali

We are all fully aware of global warming and its effects on the environment and oceans worldwide. In the oceans, pristine coral reefs are being bleached to the extent that the organisms living within just die and so does this precious tourism resource for not only Bali, but the whole of Indonesia. Up until now, roughly 34% of Bali`s coral reefs have been destroyed or damaged. This constitutes a large area and it is estimated at over 65.08 square kilometres and this translates to about 27% of coral reef in Bali. Besides global warming, the reefs are damaged by destructive fish-catching methods used by local fishermen. Of course there are coral reef rehabilitation and management programs in progress at the moment but getting the coral reefs back to the pristine condition they once were will take a long time. It was reported today that a ship that ran aground on Bali’s most prized surf break at Padang-Padang and is leaking oil and petrol creating an environmental nightmare. In a case like this, laws should be put into place and heavily enforced to deter shipping getting too close to the shores and staying out to sea a long distance. The beautiful reefs of Bali need our protection and with a lot of sensible management, we can all in the years to come enjoy snorkeling and diving along these reefs.