Balian Yoga Centre – A Yoga Retreat

There is nothing more relaxing, not only for the body, but also the mind. Those words my wife told me not long after we met years ago, and, being a Bhuddist she practices her principles taught to her by a Yogi teacher she studied under for well over a decade. Every morning she will go through a series of stretches and movements, breathing exercises and meditation. As a Bhuddist myself I do not carry out what my wife does with the exception of meditating. That, I enjoy and especially on a solitary stretch of beach or in the midst of a jungle. Recently on the Baliblog Forum somebody asked about Yoga teachers, courses and retreats in Bali. I could think of only one superb place on the island that offers everything – Balian Yoga Centre.

The creator of this magnificent place, Nirmala Mayi, was involved in a large clothing production business for eight years in Bali with her partner, and, she also started a restaurant in Bali, ‘The Golden Angel Cafe‘ which is still successful to this day. But it is the Yogya Center that is her life. Yoga lovers and those who don’t know much about Yoga but want to be guided in the right direction, then I strongly urge you to get in contact with the Balian Yoga Centre. They will help you to discover you, offering an opportunity to explore Yoga.

Here’s is some more information for you from their website:

The Spirit of Shanti is life positive. Everyone that works with us comes from the heart and brings to you their professional knowledge and passion for Yoga and Spirit. We offer you well catered affordable yoga experiences and spiritual events in locations that can suit any budget. For potential students of Yoga Teachers Trainings, the yoga schools that we choose to promote, must be certified in accordance with International Yoga Alliances programs, thereby insuring you of a training that is highly professional.
Spirit of Shanti can assure you of a reaching your goal in safety and comfort. All you need to do is register, pay, arrive at your exotic destination and share a beautiful time doing what you love!!

Daily Yoga Classes in Bali

Nirmala Mayi teaches Shiva Raja yoga daily at Shankaris Bali Retreat , Balian, West Bali.

8 am in Shankari’s Palace (coming into Balian before the main bridge)

10 am at Shankari’s Bali Retreat

5pm at Shankari’s Bali Retreat
Yoga Retreat – Bali, Indonesia (bookings available year round upon request)

Weekend at Shankari’s Bali Retreat

Through Siva Raja yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation we discover our body, mind and Spirit and will come away from the weekend feeling completely refreshed and smiling!!

Nirmala Mayi is a certified instructor of Siva Raja yoga and will be facilitating the event.

• 2 days , 3 nights
• 10 hours yoga, pranyama, meditation training
• beautiful bungalow accomodation
• includes all delicious vegetarian meals and snacks
• includes one traditional Balinese Massage
• 10% discount on all Shankari jewellery
• outside activities: walking visiting the local village, surfing, tour of the Balian Palace, local temple tour, crystal bowl mediation.
Minimum of five people required for package.
Total Cost per person : $300

Nirmala Mayi has recently started as consultant manager for Shankari’s Bali Retreat and have also opened the Balian Yoga Center.