The Lombok Project

mini-gangga-images1gif.jpgLombok has always lagged behind Bali in regards to tourism. These days, Lombok is used as a stepping stone to the nearby Gili Islands. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do on the island. On the contrary, Lombok is an island of stunning palm-fringed, white sand beaches and the interior of the island has majestic panoramas overlooked by Gunung Rinjani. Add to that the mystical Sasak culture and you have a perfect island holiday. There are a multitude of five star resorts and a variety of other accommodation to suit all budgets. At one time, years ago, there was an international airport planned for this unique island, but that was soon shelved. But, that plan has now resurfaced. A Middle-East consortium is getting a lot of support from the Indonesian government over the future plans for development there. The Lombok Project will cover an area of 1,175 hectares located on Lombok’s Kuta Beach and consume a stretch of 17 kilometers of beach front. The project will include a marina, luxury private accommodation and 5-star resorts. Naturally, this kind of development is welcomed by the people of Lombok as it will boost their tourism prospects. However, the Balinese fear that the Lombok Project will draw tourists away from them and their island will consequently suffer.