Taxis in Bali

Getting around the tourist areas in Bali, and into the country if you wish, is easy. Taxis in Bali abound and are as easy as obtaining simply by stepping into the street and raising your hand when you see one pass by. Since there are a plethora of taxi companies in Bali selecting the right one is, believe it or not, important to a certain degree.

The reason for this is that a lot of taxis will not use the meter and prefer to bargain the price before you get into the cab. Avoid these taxis like the plague! The majoiry of tourists in Bali use the most established company, Bluebird, based in Jakarta. Bluebird has light blue colored cars and a good reputation. It doesn’t mean that you avoid all other taxis. On the contrary, if you are happy with a fixed price then go for it.

Taxis in Bali will often allow more than 4 passengers to ride, one sitting on the other’s lap. This is helpful if you don’t want to get 2 taxis. All metered taxis in Bali charge the same rate. There is a fixed flagfall and amount per kilometre.There are a few things one should know about using taxis in Bali that might be helpful. The first of course is to have plenty of change on you. Some drivers often claim not to have change, hoping you will give them to keep the difference.

Importantly, ensure the taxi driver turns on the meter and make sure the driver understands where you want to go. Also, f you know a fast way of getting somewhere then tell the driver. Some drivers will start out with no idea where you intend to go.

Other things to remember are when you are aligning from a taxi be careful of your footing as often taxis will park too close to kerbs or over holes in the sidewalk. Always get out of the cab on the passengers side and not the drivers side – doors are easily ripped off!

A Few Taxi Companies in Bali:

Bluebird (Bali Praja Transportasi) (0361)701111
Geka PT
Gelora PT
Koperasi Taksi Kowinu Bali
Koperasi Taksi Ngurah Rai
Ngurah Rai Taxi
Pan Wirthi Taxi PT
Rajawali Taxi
Kompi Bandara International Ngurah Rai