Security During the Festive Season

With the not too recent executions of the Bali Bombers there is a large amount of travellers who are cautiously nervous and apprehensive about visiting Bali. In many ways this nervousness is warranted going by past events. However, the Bali Government has seen fit to have 4,000 military personnel on guard to guarantee the peace over 2008-2009 holiday period. This should, no doubt, bring a smile to those having second thoughts about travelling to the island. With this amount of security one would say that the event of anything occurring is at a minimum.

It always pays to be aware of your surroundings wherever you travel but this does not mean you have to get super-paranoid about it. You are there to enjoy yourself and do so. This Xmas and New Year in Bali promises to be one of the best on record with most of the major hotels already fully booked and a lot of nightclubs and restaurants having some kind of themed celebration. Bali is going to be super-busy and so enjoy your festive season!