Road Tripping in Bali

I once spent a whole month on the road in Bali. When I finally returned to Kuta, my natural ‘high’ dissipated fast. Anyone who visits Bali and never ventures out of the tourist strip is not experiencing all that Bali has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you hire a driver or get a form of transport of your own, or even do a hotel tour with a group of people, when you venture out on the open road then you can truly say ‘Yes, I have seen Bali’.

Although only a small island there are many roads you can travel that are away from the regular tourist routes taking you off the beaten track. Besides these adventurous sojourns there are a host of places where you can stop, take a breath and soak up the beauty before your eyes. Bali does have some stunning attractions.

However, if you do go with a tour group then enjoying the stunning panoramas Bali bestows upon you will leave you with endless memories. Being an island and surrounded by ocean it is only natural that road tripping the coastline will afford you many views that will leave you astounded.

The one thing you must do is prepare for your road trip and bring the necessities. All to often I have spoken to people who have had crappy road trips because they didn’t take the few things that make a road trip pleasurable.