Renting a new motorbike in Seminyak Bali

Returning to Bali in December Ika had changed the motorbike, from an old Supra to a new Supra Fit. I didn’t care, the cost is the same to me, 400,000rp per month. Riding a newer bike is cool because everything works as it should, new tires, good transmission, comfortable. The thing I really like is the storage area under the front part of the seat. The old bike never used to have this and I had to fold my poncho and pack it flat as a pancake before closing the seat. Now I actually have some space.

There were a couple of other things I noticed about the Supra Fit. For some reason the petrol tank kept getting low super quick and I felt like I didn’t have as much power as before. Was there some lever I was supposed to pull that would send this new machine into overdrive?
After checking the website I found out the Supra Fit is only 100cc, compared to 110cc for the Supra. The extra storage is probably at the expensive of a big fuel tank. Oh well, its a give and take world. I think the Supra Fit is a good bike for getting around downtown. Out on the Bypass it lacks power, but I did get up to Batukaru the other day without trouble.
Just remember, it takes a big man to ride a small bike.