Photo of the Day: Tirtagangga Water Palace, East Bali

Located just north of Amlapura in the regency of Karangasem on the east coast of Bali, the picturesque water palace of Tirtagangga is simply outstanding. Tirtagangga is one of three water palaces in East Bali, the other 2 being located at Ujung on the SE coast and Tirta Telaga Tista at Jungutan on the southern slope of Gunung Agung. Tirtaganga may be described as a ‘tourist object’ by the government, but it also offers a place to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

The set of rectangular pools, some decorated with stepping stones and statues, other designed for swimming, were built by the local raja in 1946. The name Tirtgangga literally means ‘water of the Ganges’ locals believing the water flows from the holy Indian river.

The whole place is a delight to visit and in the late afternoon it is a photographer’s delight. You can well spend hours here walking around and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. There is one special place inside the water palace that has always captured my attention and that of my camera lens. I could sit for hours and watch the changing light of afternoon cast its shadow across the water.

The water-palace itself has an obvious parking area with snack vendors camped around it. Food and drink are available at Tirtagangga at the small cafes and also at the Ryoshi tea house perched up on the cliff. Accommodation is also available for those who simply don’t want to leave.