Photo of the Day: Sumatran Nasi Padang

At one time (until they moved to Jalan Legian) ACC Padang was down a small lane (Gang Ronta) that runs off Poppies Lane 2. It was my favourite nasi padang place in Bali. The exterior of the place was certainly not that typical of your usual warung or restaurant in Bali.

As you can see by the photo (below), all the food is displayed in the window and stays there all day, and night. This is typical of nasi padang places. You might be thinking that this is a prime target for all manner of bacteria. Oddly enough, it isn’t! The food is deliciously delightful and so very cheap.

There is a plethora of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world but, there are also numerous warungs that prepare the traditional foods from around the archipelago of Indonesia. I adore Balinese food but it is the tastes of Sumatra that I find the most delicious predominately is nasi padang.