Photo of the Day -Denpasar Museum

The museum is located opposite Puputan Square in Denpasar. Set in traditional grounds, adjacent to Pura Jagatnata, a visit to the museum is a relaxing and affordable place. Here you can learn about Balinese history in detail. Split into 4 main buildings, the museum is stocked with artifacts dating back to the megalithic period. The museum dates back to 1910. The structure was in the puri-pura style, meaning like a palace-temple, complete with courtyards, pavilions and decorated temple gateways.

The Main Building contains a stone sarcophagus dating from 600BC-800AD as well as ancient tools used by the early Balinese. There are also weapons used by the Balinese against the Dutch. The Buleleng Pavilion contains examples of Balinese fibre arts, including a loom and various cloth; endek, songket and the famous Geringsing.

The Karangasem Pavilion has among other things examples of the Balinese Wuku calendar, a complex guide for priests to figure out auspicious days for weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. The Tabanan Pavilion has items used in Balinese music and dance, including a Barong costume and 2 massive Barong Landung costumes.