Photo of the Day: Banyumelek, Lombok

Of the three major pottery villages on the island, Banyumulek is probably the best to visit for first timers to Lombok. Here you will find several showrooms with all forms of pottery from floor to ceiling and most are open from 8am-5pm. Lombok has always been famous for their traditional pottery. You will be was amazed at the colourful selection on sale.

What is intriguing is watching the potters at work behind the showroom throwing their pieces of clay on a crudely made wheel spun around by foot-power. At most places you can see the full process of creating one of these magnificent pieces of art from a handful of clay to the finished product. Bayumulek is located around 8 kilometres south of Mataram. Head to the woodcarving village of Labuapi and it is a further 2 kilometres to Banyumulek.