New Zealand to Bali Flights Needed

mini-garuda.jpgOne thing I never knew and that was Garuda Indonesia had stopped flying to Bali straight from New Zealand and Brisbane in 2007. New Zealanders are amongst the nicest people in the world and I say that after spending a year there riding around the islands on a motorbike. Kiwis wanting to visit Bali have to connect through an Australian city. How stupid. Wouldn’t it be far better if the straight flights from the main cities in New Zealand to Denpasar and Jakarta were to be restored, then surely this would significantly contribute to Indonesia`s tourist promotion of Visit Indonesia Year 2008. A while ago there was a company running a scam involving at least 10 unaware people wishing to fly to Bali. The company offered a straight from New Zealand to Bali. In my opinion, Garuda Indonesia would do well to establish straight flights to Bali and this would be advantageous not only to the economy of the country [Indonesia] but also be excellent for businessmen. C’Mon Garuda Indonesia, give it some thought.