New Years Eve in Bali

I don’t know about you but I reckon this year has flown by as has the decade. Anyway, it’s big-time party time again and the tourist strip will be absolute mayhem with New Year’s Eve reveller’s bringing in the coming year in Bali. Bars, nightclubs and the ilk, in fact wherever alcohol is served, will be overflowing with party people.

Be aware of course that unruly behaviour can be seen by the numerous new CCTV surveillance cameras recently installed. The police will be everywhere and although their demeanour will be tolerant, don’t push your luck.
In the light of the recent drug arrests, be careful because there will undercover cops everywhere. Most importantly, females should avoid walking alone. There are those elements on the island who unfortunately take advantage of a single female and especially if the lady has had a few drinks.

Good news is, for those worried about security, the Bali police have deployed 9,000 personnel over the New Year’s period to ensure the peace and safeguard public order. They will be covering areas where the public gather and other locations as well as special attention are places of worship.

So, go out and ENJOY! Happy New Years Eve to one and all