Mango Café: Sanur

I was over in Sanur the other day conducting an interview and after I had finished I couldn’t resist stopping in for lunch at one of my favourite haunts on Jl Danau Toba in Sanur – the Mango Café. It’s a great place to sit and relax, watch the world go by and enjoy an icy cold drink. There are so many great places to eat along this strip and even more down on the beach but, for good food you can’t go past the Mango Café. For anyone going there the first time the décor is a tad dazzling with the walls and furniture all coloured bright red but this adds to the warmth of the place. The menu is mostly the usual warung fare, however, it seems to be more scrumptious. I know that might sound crazy but even Candika agreed with me.

After settling down at a table with an ice-cold iced lemon tea it was time to order and this proved difficult for Candika as there were so many delicious dishes to choose from. So, I started the ball rolling and even though I really didn’t have a massive appetite decided on a Club Sandwich (Rp20,000). When I wrote that I wasn’t hungry it was true but my stomach was soon filled with a sandwich whose contents were a generous portion of salad, ham, grilled bacon, two slices of cheese and to accompany that, a large serving of French fries. Candika went local and settled on, what appeared to me to be enough food for two people, a delicious Nasi Goreng Istemewa. She took one look at the large serving and gasped but soon cleaned the plate and licked her lips in satisfaction.

Mango Café is one of those places in Sanur that is well worth remembering if you are staying over that end of town. They are open for breakfast and trade until late. I will give the Mango café a four out of five.

Mango Café
Jl Danau Toba 15
Tel: 283337