Lake Buyan Springs a Leak: North Bali

mini-barrie-341.jpgMy favourite area in Bali would have to be in the areas to the north of Lake Bratan. Here the mountains rise from the depths of jungle terrain and rice-terraced hills, and, lakes. After visiting Danau Bratan, take a drive north to the Munduk turnoff and then head to that town. Just pass the turn-off the first delight you will encounter is Lake Buyan (the lake is located around 55 km north of Denpasar). Further on is Lake Tamblingan. These two lakes are two of the four lakes on the island of Bali which have become tourist attractions. There are areas along the Munduk road where small parking places enable you to view both the lakes. Of the two lakes, Lake Buyan is the bigger with an area of some 4.93 sq km wide.

The news coming from the area is that of 12 new springs that have suddenly appeared around Buyan Lake. Naturally, local farmers have taken advantage of the new gift from beneath the earth and are now using the water from the new springs for irrigation. There new springs will surely add to the attraction of the lake and increase tourism to the area.