Keep it Clean in Bali

I find it quite unbelievable that people, tourists if you like, wherever they travel in the world tend to lose the ability to comply and respect the country they visit. I’m not talking about ‘everybody’ per sae, just those tourists who have a blatant disregard and do something they wouldn’t dream of doing in their own country. In regard to discarding rubbish [empty bottles, cigarette butts, candy wrappers and the ilk] it seems the ground is a logical place.

So often I have seen this on a daily basis in Bali and to me it is being disrespectful not only to a beautiful island but its people also. Heck, to be fair, I have seen a lot of Indonesians other than Balinese doing exactly the same. The basic problem with Bali is the obvious lack of rubbish bins. The ones I have seen are placed outside major shopping centres. Sure, there are those small drums the Balinese use to toss out their garbage, but how many tourists realise what they are. Not many.

Bali is a small island and already it is getting overcrowded big time not only by tourists but Indonesians coming from other islands. Basically, Bali does not have the capacity or technology for recycling or any infrastructure for just this. It will only get worse and even though the streets are swept by poorly paid workers and the rubbish collected on a daily basis, the problem of garbage will be a major concern,

As tourists and travellers, we should do a few things to help. Firstly, put your rubbish in the bin when you can find one. Another good idea and one that I have used wherever I have travelled and that is to carry a small plastic bag and put your garbage in that and then when you return to your hotel throw it in the bin there. As visitors to Bali we have an obligation to do our part and keep Bali clean.