Ice Skating Rink Opens

Many times in my younger years I have tried ice-skating in England and as an adult in New Zealand. I even tried it in Australia but it doesn’t matter what country I do it in, I fall flat on my bum. I reckon I have damn good balance but standing up on slits of metal just ain’t happening for me. Seriously, I give up unless they start putting trainer wheels on the skates. For those with the skills needed and are lovers of sheets of ice then the newly opened Bali Skate Run is right down your alley. The weird thing is you will be skating on ice in a tropical country. I think I’ll just do my thing as a spectator!

Here’s more from the Bali Discovery:

Ice skating enthusiasts are set for a special treat in an anomalous tropical setting with the opening of Bali Skate Run at the Bali Galeria.

Built with advanced Swiss technology, the Bali Skate Run is the first facility of its kind in Asia. In place of ice, skaters at the Bali facility slip and slide across a 5 cm layer of paraffin.

For only Rp. 25,000 (US$2.70) per hour skaters can rent skates and helmets.

While operators of Bali Skate Run say anyone able to roller skate will have no problem mastering ice skates, instructors are on hand to assist beginners.

Bali Skate Run is located near Simpang Siur within the Bali Galeria Complex opposite the ATM Center.