Hotels Near Legian Beach

When you discuss hotels to stay at on the tourist strip of Bali more often than not a lot of tourists prefer the hectic nightlife area of Kuta. However, just north of Kuta is Legian; less manic than Kuta and popular with families staying in Bali. It is Bali’s second most popular area for tourists. Another attraction is the white sandy beach.

Legian has an abundance of attractions and is an affordable area for families to stay as there are numerous restaurants and facilities to be found virtually everywhere. Legian is not short on nightlife but is less subdued than Kuta. It is a small area fronting the beach which stretches from Jalan Melasti where Kuta ends, north to Jalan Arjuna where Seminyak begins.

Here is an overview of some of the accommodation options situated on or close to Legian Beach:

Legian Beach Hotel
Bali Mandira
Padma Resort
Melasti Hotel
Samsara Hotel
Champlung Mas Hotel
Ramada Resort
Kumala Hotel
Three Brothers Inn
Bali Niksoma Resort
All Seasons Resort
Puri Raja Hotel
The Losari Hotel
Robins Place Bali