Home Swapping for Bali

It’s not everybody’s thing mainly because of a privacy issue I guess. Although it is a fantastic idea and a dream way of getting good digs for your stay in Bali, on the other hand, you could end up with a crap one too. As we all know photos in a magazine or on a website can be deceiving. For me, I wouldn’t like some stranger poking around my house even though I am poking around theirs!

House swapping has been around for some time now. I read this article in the Age newspaper yesterday an excellent article about just this subject. The company concerned for enabling families to ‘swap’ houses for a holiday is Luxe Home Swap. As the article explains, The website allows interaction with other members and the properties on offer have, by and large, the wow factor I was looking for. You won’t find any doilies or floral bedspreads; it’s all white linen, designer rugs, infinity pools and magical settings. And the swaps don’t have to be at the same time, which allows flexibility for both parties.

Also, Luxe Home Swap allows travellers to live like locals without the usual accommodation cost, for an annual membership fee of $175. The site claims it’s “the world’s first and only socially connected home-exchange site”; you’re advised if you have the same Facebook friends as other members, for example.