Hanging Around with the Locals: Belimbing

I have often mentioned some of my favourite views in the countryside of Bali and everybody has their greatest discoveries. A while back I came across a ripper of a place with not only a great view of terraced ricefields, but also some of nature’s radar-users just hanging around. We were driving along the north-west road up to Pupuan from the main south coastal road and it was a hot day subsequently needing to satiate our thirst. Roughly about half-way up this stretch of road from Antosari to Pupuan heading north you will notice a small warung neatly tucked away on the right-hand side of the road just outside of Belimbing. The place looked just like the many others you see on these long stretches of roads in Bali that I almost drove by, but, Candika my wife nudged me to stop. I went in to buy a couple of bottles of water only to discover that at the rear of the building was a small, quaint café. My need for caffeine was greater than water!

I was taken aback with the breathtaking view of the valley below. Located at the rear are some nice thatched and open pagoda-style places with wooden seats and tables carved from trees where you can sit and relax, enjoy your food and beverage, and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. Candika saw them first when the call of nature intervened. We had passed them without noticing their presence as we walked out back. There were three delightful Bats hanging from a tree minding their own business but, enjoying playing the star attraction at having their photo taken. I had seen many fruit bats on my travels but these were big fellas and I wasn’t about to offer them a banana and pat them!. Candika and I sat and drank our coffee albeit bitter (pahit) and watched these fascinating creatures annoy each other for prime space on the tree. But, it was the view from where we sat that was the most entrancing.