Handicrafts at Centro Discovery Mall – Tuban

Centro Discovery Mall in Tuban has evolved into one of the best shopping complexes on the island. There are not many tourists to the island that dislike the place as it offers an excellent choice of restaurants, coffee shops and stores. It also affords spectacular ocean views from the rear of the building.

Little by little over the years a new shop or restaurant has been added, another bank installed in the complex making it a delightful place to spend a few hours, or in some cases with over-enthusiastic shoppers, a whole day. If you are one of those people who really can’t be bothered trudging around traditional markets or down sidestreets searching for handicrafts and the ilk, then Centro has you covered.

On the ground floor off to one side you will find an expanse of handicrafts for sale. Okay, you will pay a lot more here than you would say, on the streets, but it’s hassle-free shopping and then after, head upstairs for something to eat or perhaps, a coffee or beer. Ideal place for the lazy shopper. Hey, that’s me!