Getting to Bali from Australia

Australia is geographically located ideally in South-east Asia for travellers wishing to go to Bali. Out of all the cities in Australia, Perth is closest next to Darwin. In fact a majority of Australians holidaying in Bali seem to come from Perth. This is mainly due to its location and the cost factor; it is the cheapest direct route and the shortest flying time except that of Darwin.

As Darwin is situated in the north of Australia the flight time is only2 hours and 30 minutes and airlines servicing this Darwin-Bali route are AirNorth, Garduda Indonesia and Jetstar. The flight from Perth to Bali is 4 hours 20 minutes and is a direct flight and there are several airlines servicing this route – Garuda Indonesia, Strategic Air, Jetstar and AirAsia.

Getting to Bali from Sydney takes longer at7 hours 30 minutes although this is a direct flight. Airlines servicing this route include Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia and Jetstar. From Brisbane the flight time is 7 hours 30 minutes and the easiest way to get to Bali is to connect in Cairns and take the direct route to Denpasar using Jetstar, Garuda Indonesia and now, Strategic Air.

From Melbourne, Garuda Indonesia has direct flights taking just over 7 hours to arrive in Denpasar. Alternatively, a connecting flight in Adelaide will get you to Bali using VirginBlue or Jetstar.