Getting Married in Bali

My nephew rang me last night and said he wanted to get married to his long-time girlfriend. After all the best wishes etc, he informed me they want to get married in Bali. It’s not as simple as getting a flight over to the island, finding a ‘man of the cloth’, sticking a ring on a finger and saying “Oh yeah!”

Any couple wanting to get married in Bali must undertake a legal wedding ceremony and need to comply with relevant documentation requirements according to the Civil Registry Office and also those documentation requirements relevant to the couples chosen religious ceremony.

There are formalities and government red-tape. What is needed is a recognised company that can handle all that for you and so all you have to do is relax and look forward to the big day of bliss. It will ease all the hassles. Here are just a few places for you to check out:

Bali Wedding Planners
Bali Weddings International
Bali Mystical
Best Bali Wedding
Bali Holidays Wedding

To give you an idea of what paperwork is involved: Consular Information

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