Family Fun in Bali

Bali is totally geared towards families and family travel. Nothing could be better on a holiday than doing things together as a family. So often I have seen young kids just wandering the streets of Kuta with no mum or dad in sight. Let’s face it, travelling with kids can be stressful at times. They are just not into doing what the ‘oldies’ do and much prefer to just have a great time with kids their own age doing-their-thing.

The delightful thing is that the activities for kids can also be enjoyed by mum’s and dad’s as well. My kids are all grown-up now and left the nest, so to speak, but I can well remember how stressing it can be. Always remember that kids are ‘people’ too and listening to what they have to say and what they want to do is very important.

There is a plethora of activities in Bali for families. A couple of them I have already checked out and believe me, they made me feel like a kid again even though the ‘ol bones were aching a tad afterwards! I think the main principal when travelling with children is that the whole family has fun together and enjoy not only the activities on hand but also the mesmerising beauty of the culture and scenery in Bali.

Waterbom Park:

Without a doubt the most popular venue on Bali for families. Waterbom Park is set on 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks. Best thing for families is to get the family pass and chill-out there all day as all the facilities you need for an enjoyable day are on hand. In all there are sixteen exciting water slides. It is a delightful full-on day of entertainment for all members of the family.

Most of the slides have names and the favourites of a friend of mine are ‘racetrack’ and ‘splashdown’. Or if you like to just relax then take the slow and lazy ride ideal for the older folks in the family. The little ones are catered for with shallow pools.

Water Rafting:

There are a few companies that organise these trips down the river but it is Sobek Adventures that were the original. Although some parts of the Ayung River are scary, you are in good hands and the experts will get you to your destination safely. It is a great day whoever you choose to use. I have only used Sobek and have never faulted them. As to what footwear, just buy a pair of surf sandles off the streets Don’t wear thongs as they will come off, don’t wear good sneakers.

The rafting company has an excellent record of safety and one that provides almost everything to make your day of rafting an enjoyable one. Their trained guides are world class experts in rafting techniques and river safety to take you through two hours of whitewater fun.


There is nothing more delightful and enjoyable as getting on mountain bike and just riding anywhere, whether it’s to get from point A to B or just for the sheer exuberance it gives me. Besides being an environmentally friendly form of transport it is also fabulous exercise. However, what is even more enchanting is when you can cycle through rice paddies, along nice back roads, through small villages and even up in the mountains of Bali taking in the mesmerising panoramas the island of Bali has to offer.

It is great family fun and ideal for those tourists or travellers wanting to experience that something different on their holidays. You don’t have to be super-fit or a frontrunner for the Tour de France to enjoy the wonders of cycling in Bali.

Go Karts:

The Go-Karts are located on Jalan Kartika in Kuta and are a fabulous way to spend a few hours zipping around the track. They are both single and double Go-Karts so you can ride with the kids. Why not have a family race! It is important to note that children cannot drive if they are under 12. That’s easily overcome so the kids get a thrill and let them go in your go kart and permit them to steer. Nearby is one heck-of-a-ride called the Slingshot. Not recommended for kids under 12. It shoots the person straight up into the air and of course in complete safety.

Bali Bird Park:

Fabulous place to take the kids and in fact an enjoyable day for the whole family. The park has an amazing display of flora with more then 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palms alone and attracting numerous butterflies. The Bali Bird Park sits on two hectares of botanical landscape. The park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species and this makes for a great as well as educational day out for the kids.

What impressed me about the park was the innovative approach they have towards the displaying of rare and tropical birds. Instead of caged birds like you see in most zoos, at the Bali Bird Park they showcase mixed species in their natural habitats and in large walk in aviaries.


And the paintball, well, it’s a gelatine shelled capsule, will simply splatter on impact. Paintball Bali is a good day out for all the family. You must be 10 years or older to play. At Paintball Bali, the games are played in a park-like atmosphere on 3 separate independently themed courses.

All games are controlled by experienced referees to insure players safety and fair play. All the amenities, equipment and supplies are on site for a complete day and package of fun and excitement. Just be sure to wear some comfortable shoes (running or athletic type) and clothes (shorts & t-shirt best).

Learn to Surf:
While surfing at Kuta beach might seem to be just for pro surfers, that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for beginners. In fact, there is a reason so many experienced surfers flock to Kuta Beach every year. It’s just a great surf spot and one for kids of all ages. The fact that Kuta Beach is such a popular surfing destination means that there is no shortage of surfing instructors in the area.

Take a walk along Jalan Pantai Kuta and you will find numerous companies offering their skills to teach you how to surf. The great thing about the beach at Kuta is that is has a sandy bottom. This means when you fall off the board it is a soft landing!

Photo Credit: Natalie Gamble