Experience Five Aspects of Balinese Culture

Bali is an experience. Depending on the way you look at, it will assault your senses in every aspect. It is a tantalising experience that will leave you awe-inspired and yearning for more. This of course depends on whether you look at the culture, the nature and the Balinese people with an open mind.

If you travel to Bali just to party and darken your skin, then you will be sadly disappointed because it is you that will miss out on one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Unfortunately, there are far too many visitors to Bali who miss out on the opportunity to truly experience Bali.

Wherever I have travelled in the world and throughout the archipelago of Indonesia my way of experiencing the country and its people and culture has always been one of actually ‘seeing’ instead of just looking and ‘hearing’ instead of just listening. For travellers to Bali, using this actuality will afford them some unforgettable experiences.

The Balinese religion and culture is complex and all forms of the arts are intertwined. For instance, dance and drama play a major role in both culture and religion as do ceremonies. If you happen upon a temple ceremony in Bali then your reward will immense. Temples are the cornerstone of Balinese society. Better still, if you come across a cremation ceremony on your travels around the island then being a part of this is amazing to witness.

For any traveller to Bali the recommendation is to delight your palette with the delicacies of traditional Balinese food. There are several restaurants and warungs in the tourist areas but it is out in the country where the outlying villages are that you will find the best traditional foods.

How you experience Bali is totally up to you but, you will enjoy your sojourn immensely if you experience just a few aspects of Balinese culture.