Crap in Bali

Seems like a stupid title to an article but, that’s what it’s about. Okay, let’s start at the beginning. Over the decades tourism has increased on the island to the point now of what is referred to a ‘mass tourism’ where the island is literally saturated. Although this is great for the Balinese as far as the economy is concerned, there are some things that need to be addressed. Consider it my quirky sense of humour, but, haven’t you at one time or another whilst sitting on the throne in Bali doing your morning duty and wondered where ‘it’ all goes. After all, Bali is only a small island. I am not talking about No. 2 here, but the big one. Yes, No. 1. Seriously, if you think about all the tourists over the decades that have deposited their bodily waste deep into the bowels of wherever via pipes, that amounts to a fair amount of shit!. I have no idea what sources these hotels used over the years to process these disposable items. On one occasion back in the 80’s I recall talking to a farmer who claimed that he regularly obtained the effluence and used it as fertiliser. Sounds feasible I suppose as it is bio-degradable and would have some nutrients (not just the yeast from Bintang).

Take heart though as you enjoy your breakfast or whatever you are devouring whilst reading this article and ponder the issue. There is now the largest sewage processing system in Indonesia at Suwung in Denpasar to handle the situation. So, there you have it. At least you know now where your morning constitution goes. Okay, off you go…No. 1 is waiting to be delivered!