Checklist for travellers in Bali

Travelers to Bali and other places in the world often overlook some of the basic tips. Here is a selection of travel tips.

Be sure your travel insurance policy provides for:
An air ambulance, in case you need to be flown home;
All medical bills (which can be expensive);
Any potentially hazardous sporting activities;
Bringing your body home in the event of death;
Bringing your family home in the event of illness or injury;
Replacing and / or bringing your car home;
Avoid any involvement with drugs – the penalties are severe and could include the death sentence;
Don’t carry parcels or luggage through customs for other people;
Don’t cross land borders with people you don’t know, eg hitch hikers;
Carry a doctor’s prescription for any drugs you may need;
(before you go)
Make sure you have enough to cover emergencies;
Take travellers checks;
Keep a spearate record of their numbers;
(when you get there)
Carry only as much money as you need for the day;
If you have to carry a lot on money, ask your partner or a friend to carry some of it for you;
Use a money belt of secure inside pocket;
Leave the rest in the hotel safe;
Credit cards
(before you go)
Check the expiry dates;
Make a separate note of their numbers;
(when you are there)
Don’t carry all your cards with you. Leave at least one in your hotel safe;
(before you go)
Buy a return ticket;
(when you are there)
Keep your tickets in a safe place;
Passports & Visas
(before you go)
Check that your passport is still valid and make a note of its number, date and place of issue;
Check if you will need a visa (travel agents will know);
Children under the age of 16 (including babies) not already included on a valid passport need their own individual passports. Children already included on their parent’s passports can continue to travel on these until they reach the age of 16, or the passport on which they are included expires;
Take another means of ID, preferably photo ID;
(when you are there)
Keep your passport in the hotel safe and carry a photocopy with you;
If you have anything stolen
If your money, passport or anything esle is stolen abroad, report it at once to the local police and obtain a statement about the loss; you will need one to claim against your insurance;
Money – phone your bank ay ohme about transferring money and cancelling credit cards;
Travellers checks – Contact the issuing agent;
Tickets – see you tour rep or airline agent;
Plan to stay healthy
Check what vaccinations you need with your GP at least six weeks before you travel;
Check if your medication is legal in the country you are visiting. Pack it in your hand luggage;
If you are taking prescribed medication, take the prescription with you;
If you’re traveling within the EU, get form E111 from the post office for reduced or free emergency medical care (EU citizens);
Travel Advice
Up to date info is available on problems affecting your safety in over 200 countries;