Bali’s Reefs Being Restored

As most of you know, coral reefs form large sections of the Bali coastline. These coral reefs are important for the marine habitat, providing shelter for marine life, protecting the coast against erosion and as a breeding ground for fish.

Bali’s coral reefs contain a diverse selection of marine life. Statistics show that in 2007 over 80% of the coral reefs in Bali were damaged in some way, some almost destroyed. The situation has gradually worsened and by the mid 1990’s development took its toll on the reefs.

Serangan Island has been destroyed by beach reclamations work done at the location in 1996; the building of the causeway connecting the mainland to the island did almost irreparable damage to the biodiversity of the reefs. However, the fishing community in the area are working hard to restore 5 hectares of coral surrounding Serangan Island.

Serangan Island is home to one of the most sacred temples on Bali – Pura Sakenan. But it is the coral reefs that are of importance and one can only hope that in the not too distant future the reefs will return to normal. If you are unaware, coral reefs and the tiny polyps are extremely sensitive to their environment, small changes in ocean temperatures, salinity and other factors. Slight changes in the amount dissolved particles from human waste can seriously threaten a coral reef.