Balinese Food – Sate

The selection of Indonesian foods available in Bali is amazing; and so are the range of restaurants and warungs. It’s pretty safe to safe to say that a popular dish for any traveller to Bali is sate. You will find it on every menu on the island. This delicious bbq meat on bamboo sticks covered with peanut sauce comes in many forms of the meat. The most popular is chicken but goat meat is delicious if cooked correctly.

There are many places besides the restaurants and warungs to find this Indonesian delight. Sate is sold by vendors in the street and at local markets and night markets. But my favourite place for sate is in the countryside when you travel outside of the tourist areas. You will see people huddling around a tree at crossroads and you can guarantee sate is being sold.

Other places to try sate are in the warungs in small towns and villages. You will also find that sate is always on the menu at temple festivals.