Bali Travel Warning for Dengue Fever

The climate in Bali is one that is a natural breeding ground for germs. Add to that some of the local methods of washing and cooking and so its no wonder tourists get ill occasionally, and now, the Health Department in Australia has put out an alert regarding Dengue Fever and the growing number of people suffering the malady is increasing. In fact, there had been over 430 reports of dengue fever in West Australians this year and that is a threefold increase on last year.

Dengue Fever is transmitted by a virus carried by mosquitoes. Today I read about this potentially deadly disease and the symptoms can develop within three to 14 days of being bitten and include fever, vomiting, severe headaches, aching joints and muscles, rashes and pain behind the eyes.

There is no medication to stop or treat dengue fever. This mosquito tends to attack during the day and is slightly larger than the malaria carrying variety. In an article I read the Health Department suggested people take the following precautions to avoid being bitten by dengue fever infected mosquitoes:

Ensure accommodation is mosquito-proof. Use mosquito nets, insect sprays, mosquito coils or plug-in

insecticide mats in rooms

Wear long, loose-fitting, light-coloured protective clothing

Use tropical strength personal insect repellents

Ensure infants and children are adequately protected, including using infant-strength repellents

Most 5 star hotels smoke out their gardens every couple of days to keep mosquitoes away. One good piece of advice is to ensure you have travel insurance so if you do contract this disease, you ill be covered for treatment at one of the excellent facilities in Bali.