Bali Marine Walk

Not so long ago I wrote about the Seawalker located in Sanur and how it is a fabulous opportunity for those of you who don’t or do not like the idea of scuba diving. It is a unique diving system, fully escorted as you walk down deep into the ocean. It’s brilliant, although I have yet to do this adventure of walking on the bottom of the ocean rather than swimming in it.

Now there is a new player in Bali doing the exact same thing except that it is located on Lembongan Island. They are the Bali Marine Walk. I actually spoke to a few of these guys at a recent travel expo in Perth. As they explained to me, the tourists remain underwater for fifteen minutes and the time was determined as the safest length of time for guests who have never been underwater before.

As their website explains, Bali Marine Walk using an open-ended helmet that allows the wearer to stay underwater by just putting it over head. The helmet is connected to the scuba thanks by air hose that supplies it with air. The interior of the helmet is designed with a defogging mechanism that prevents the front window from fogging. The helmet is also fitted with a vent which continuously exhausts unneeded air from the helmet. Since the bent is located at the back, there is no air valve to obstruct the guest’s view.

For those of you who wish to explore the fascinating world of the ocean, the walk and experience of the underwater world will be an experience never to forget. Hotel and boat transfers are included in the package price and the company is fully insured. Lembongan Island is only a thirty minute cruise from the mainland and Bali Marine Walk also offers a good range of other activities.