Bali is the spa capital of Asia

Maybe the fanantical religious people who target Bali don’t care, but a lot of people have been talking about Bali’s spas. Bali has been voted ‘Asian Spa Capital of 2005‘ by AsiaSpa Magazine.

When you think of such a small island excelling in so many ways, its breath taking. Probably the best surf spot in the world when you consider, water temperature, amount of breaks, consistency and affordabiltiy, one of the most unique cultures on the planet, fantastic ceremones and native arts (painting, carving, dance, sculpture), the best hotel in the world (Four Seasons Sayan, voted by Travel & Leisure Magazine), good weather, and great food.
Add to that list a wonderful selection of spas located in the Kuta area, Seminyak and Ubud. The recognition Bali has been given by AsiaSpa Magazine underlines the quality aspect of this destination, its not just a beach.
Recently I interviewed Sinta, who owns a budget spa in Tuban and Putu who works at another affordable spa in Kerobokan. Most big hotels now have a spa and you will find a variety of styles including dedicated spa and ‘spa hotel’ like the Alam Kul Kul in Kuta.
If you’ve never had a massage give it a shot, it might open up a whole new form of enjoyment for you.