Bali for the Over 60’s

Firstly I want to tell you a story. Back in 1983 I saw a ‘little old lady’ slinging a backpack and sprightly walking down the road. Later that day when I was having an iced tea in a warung, that same lady walked in dumped her backpack on the ground and ordered a beer. Curious as I always am, I invited her to join me as I know what it’s like travelling alone.

During the course of the conversation she informed me her husband had recently passed away and, as she put it “Don’t want to sit on my arse waiting for the angels..I’m out of here” She was 83 years old and Bali was her last stop after backpacking all around South-east Asia.

The point I am making here is that you are never too old to travel. Sure, I wouldn’t expect every person over 60 to go out, buy a backpack and hit the road. Bali is perfect for the mature person and the island is not reserved for those of younger years. It’s true that as we mature our bodies are changing, a few aches and whatnot, but if you adjust and travel in an easy manner then there is no reason whatsoever for you to ‘get out there and rock n’ roll’!

So, in accordance with this I have compiled some information to help those mature travellers to Bali:

Hotels in Bali:

Alternative Hotels
Villas and Hotels in Ubud

Things to Do in Bali:

Only Have a Week
Free Things to do in Kuta
Seven Stunning Places
Do’s and Don’t

Shopping in Bali:

Shopping for First-Timers
Factory Outlets
Markets of Kuta and Denpasar

Health in Bali:

Staying Healthy and Vaccinations
Travel Insurance


Things to Avoid in Bali
Upon Arrival in Bali
Departure Taxes etc