Bali Belly – The Destroyer of Holidays

If there is one thing that will surely ruin your holiday to Bali then it has to be the dreaded stomach infection colloquially known as ‘Bali Belly’. Basically, you got the shits big time and you, well, feel like shit! The climate in Bali is one that is a natural breeding ground for germs. Add to that some of the local methods of washing and cooking and its no wonder people gets sick occasionally.

Anyone who continually travels to Indonesia on a regular basis will, at one time or another, contract this annoying gut infection. .A simple way to deal with it is to restrict yourself to extremely simple food for 3 days, which means bread, plain rice, potatoes, plain meat with no sauce and NO green vegetables. You’d be amazed at how a vicious case of diarrhea can disappear under that regime.

Even worse is the fact that diarrhoea will deplete your body of fluid, which when combined with hot humid weather will compound your misery. Drink electrolyte drinks such as Pocari Sweat (blue can with white strip) available any where in Bali. Alternatively bring some rehydration medicine with you. Gastrolyte is an excellent one to use.

It’s important to note that when travelling anywhere in the tropics – whether it be only Bali or the other islands in the archipelago of Indonesia – be securely vaccinated. This is only common sense.

If you are heading over to Bali then I strongly urge you to at least have the Hepatitis A and B vaccinations. Although not a blocker of the infection Bali Belly, it will give your body a bit of added resistance. These most prominent vaccinations are truly imperative and especially if travelling with children.

Reducing the risk of contracting any infections in Bali is simple. Before travelling to Bali consult your doctor. Find out what vaccinations are required and if any existing health concerns might prevent you from travelling. Make sure you carry a copy of your health record and prescription, if there are ongoing health issues that may require treatment while in Bali. Vaccinations recommended for travel to Bali include Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Cholera and Typhoid. If you are worried about Japanese Encephalitis and Meningitis then by all means be covered but the former in reality is not needed for Bali and is a very painful vaccine procedure.

So, it is vital to be of reasonable heath before travelling to Bali. People with low immune systems are more prevalent to contracting a disease. And most importantly: Carry Travel Insurance.