6 Crazy Things to Do in Bali

There are numerous adventure companies in Bali offering a wide range of adrenaline-pumping activities. A few I have already experienced and I am looking forward to completing my list of crazy and adventurous things to do. There are the mundane and less adventurous activities like going surfing at night or getting lost in the Bali Barat National Park [been there, done that and wouldn’t recommend it to anybody!] or even diving alone off any of the reefs around the island. However, there are those activities that will give you a buzz and get the heart pumping.

Bungy Jump: Not one for those who suffer from vertigo but if you can overcome you fears and experience the exhilarating free-fall into thin air, then head down to AJ Hackett’s place on Jl Double Six. Located in the grounds of the Double Six nightclub, you could always have few shots of Dutch courage and toss yourself into the abyss.

Submarine Dive: Odyssey has an excellent small but quite safe submarine where you can view the exotic sea below the waves, so to speak. People of all ages and physical condition can experience the delights of the ocean in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The sightseeing Submarine is battery-powered so as to pose no threat to the marine environment and what is great is the sub is air-conditioned and can carry 36 passengers to depths of 150 feet. Safety is assured in this highly sophisticated vessel.

Helicopter Ride: You have probably seen them flying overhead as you chill-out on Kuta beach. There are a few companies that do these tours of the island and it is a fantastic way to get an aerial tour that will show you the best of Bali. Most of them will give you a bird’s eye view of volcanoes, lakes, stepped rice fields and remote beaches.

Walking in the Ocean: Imagine if someone said to you that you could walk right on the bottom of the ocean and be down there with all the sea life. This is a unique diving system, fully escorted as you walk down deep into the ocean. It is totally safe and an exciting underwater adventure run by Sea Walker. You can observe the underwater world up to a depth of 15 feet without certification, and without getting your hair wet. Crazy, but, you actually walk on the bottom, rather than swim.

Climb Gunung Agung: There are two established trekking routes to get to the summit. The first is from Pura Besakih, meaning a 2.5 hour drive from Kuta, and a long climb lasting several hours to get to the summit by dawn. This route gets you to the highest point on the crater rim. Always take a local guide and negotiate their fee before taking off on the climb. However, from Pura Pasar Agung on the southern slope you can hike without a guide, but there are a few guys hanging out just in case. The climb is a straight shot up a 40 degree slope. No bends or switch backs. Climbing Gunung Agung is very hard on the knees and not recommended during the wet season. Don’t forget to carry 4-5 liters of water per person and food.

White Water Rafting: Sobek really has cornered this market and in my opinion offer the best of the best as far as service is concerned. Whether you are 5 or 85, a natural or a novice in rafting, white water rafting down the spectacular Ayung River is a breathtaking experience to be enjoyed.

Photo Credit: www.dosomethingdifferent.com