Seminyak Bali after the storm

Today was the first day in the Christmas period that we saw the sun. I almost felt as if I was hallucinating this morning when blue skies peeked through thinning grey clouds. Tourists here on holiday will appreciate the break in wet weather, enjoying the fact they can walk down the street without getting a soaking.

The beaches today resembled a post-tsunami scene, with debris covering the entire beach. Tree trunks, bamboo, and all kinds of organic material had washed down from the highlands turning the ocean brown for the first 200 meters out. A friend in Jimbaran said last night the winds were insane, the storm system being connected to the one that caused landslides in Java and Sumatra. Our weather forecast shows more rain on the way.

Last night at Global Xtreme internet cafe in Kerobokan one expat told me how his trail bike got water logged and would only drive in 1st gear. It took him 2 hours to get home in the pouring rain Christmas eve. On that night Jl. Raya Kerobokan was in parts totally flooded and one unfortunate Balinese local had attempted to pass a car on the inside. Unable to see the road through the foot deep water, he rode down a drainage canal and was up to his neck trying to save the bike. All kinds of fun and game when the wet season arrives.