Bali weather: Monday November 19th 2007

Hey sun lover take a look the weather in Bali! After a couple of weeks featuring grey skies and showers, including a wind-shear / tornado in southern Bali, the weather has returned to its former glory. The last couple of days have been spectacular, blue skies, hot and sunny.

Holiday makers coming to Bali in the next 10 days. First off, its going to be hotter here than where you came from. Second, you’ll enjoy the dry weather and sunshine. With highs if 31C and lows of 25C, the only time you’ll shiver is paying your visa on arrival fee.

Speaking of the high winds Bali experienced, last Sunday I took a stroll down Jl. Dhyana Pura to the beach. The staff at Puri Cendana hotel told me they had a disaster, a tornado had come in and torn up their garden, all the furniture in the open sided restaurant ending up in the pool area. My house is a 5 minute walk from there and I was not even aware of high winds that day. Apparently in other areas on the south coast such Gianyar district high speed wind sheer, up to 200km caused damage, injury a couple of dozen people and killed one person in Denpasar. This kind of thing is a result of seasonal atmospheric change.

No worries, its blue skies ahead for Bali visitors. Here’s the 10 day weather forecast for Bali.