Free Bali real estate listings

VillaThe dream of owning real estate in Bali is shared by nearly everyone who visits the island. Local laws make it somewhat complicated, but more than 10,000 foreigners own or lease real estate on the island. Some do it mainly as an investment and others want to buy a place to live the simple life in retirement or even while working at a job that can be done anywhere in the world.

Baliblog is loaded with information for visitors as well as for potential investors or expats, and now we’ve added a new feature to help those interested in real estate in Bali as well. We’ve launched a free listing site, where owners can advertise their properties for sale and potential buyers can browse the listings by categories.

We’ve also got information there written by our longtime local expat, who shares his knowledge and expertise with specific articles relating to the real estate scene in Bali. Have a look at our free Bali real estate listings section if you are a potential buyer or someone who wants to list a property.