Bali climate conference reaching its climax

The UNFCCC (climate change conference) in Nusa Dua is drawing to its climax, with ministers from around the world contemplating what to commit to. This conference was a long time coming and is almost over, but there have already been some huge movements.

Australian PM Kevin Rudd signed up to the Kyoto protocol and declared “The community of nations must reach agreement.” “There is no plan B; there is no other planet any of us can escape to.” The Bush administration’s plan for climate change is to water-board the whole planet into believing there is no climate problem. A US delegation to the conference even went as far as saying a new regime in the White House was coming, so they wanted to let other countries know that the government’s stance would be changing!

Some press reports say that the delegates were subjected to steamy temperatures in order to score some kind of brownie points for not using too much AC. That’s politics gone mad, especially as people who live in Bali have been saying its hot lately.

The climate change conference closes on December 14th, so let’s hope some real commitments can be made.