Bali bombing anniversary in Kuta Bali

Today is October 12th 2007, the 5th anniversary of the bombings at the Sari Club and Paddy’s bar. This morning I rode down to Kuta to see how things were developing. A police officer told me a ceremony was to take place at the memorial site at 5pm.

Bali is now flush with domestic tourists celebrating Idul Fitri, the end of Ramadan (starts Saturday). Driving in the Kuta is a frustrating affair and one can spot all the out of town license plates (L for Surabaya, B for Jakarta and so forth). Around 5pm the memorial site was a zoo, with a line of fire trucks and yellow dump trucks parked in the street. Chairs were being set out, in readiness for something later. Down on Kuta Beach people were gathering for a sunset tribute to the bombing victims.

As of 9pm Friday night the evening events have passed without incident. Let’s hope the relatives of the bombing victims enjoyed a respectful tribute and will return next year.