Traditional fishing on Seminyak beach Bali

Bali has had a downturn is tourism after the October bombing which will take a while to recover from. Some people are really feeling the pinch, but others simply go about life as usual. The other day I watched an older Balinese man untangle his fishing nets on the beach in Seminyak. I said hello and was surprised he could speak okay English. Bali’s best fishing fleet is in Jimbaran bay, but you will find areas in Bali where fishing is going strong, like out in East Bali, where every bay is lined with small decorated fishing boats. .

One hotel owner in East Bali told me that it can be hard to get large fish out there, because everything they catch is either small, or gets gets shipped directly to the resorts in Nusa Dua. I often see locals in Seminyak strolling out waist deep with a motorbike helemt and a fishing rod trying to catch fish. Seems like a lot of effort to me, but at least the fish are free.