Sunday morning in Seminyak Bali

Sunny weather is with us here in Seminyak. Ika and I took Jevon down the play beach playgorund at the end of Jl. Double Six. They have swings, climbing net, climbing frame, see-saw and tyres on ropes. Jevon liked meeting the other young kids. During our 30 minutes there we saw 2 other ‘bule’ families and several Balinese families.

Jevon likes to reach out and touch the other kids, which often gets him a strange look from the kid he is grabbing. Will be nice when he can run around and play with other kids.
Breakfast today for me was at Prana Spa. They have an outside garden and I sat under a shade. Prana is not cheap by any means but once in a while I like to step out of my comfort zone. I ordered eggs benedict for 35,000rp and a fruit plate for 25,000rp. Also a pot of LaZumba coffee, which was great.
Wild hair cuts and facials are the go at New Planet, the hair stylists across from Cafe Moka. I stopped in to get my thatch sheered and enjoyed the head massages they give for free. It always makes me laugh, one lady will wash my hair, I will go and sit in the chair, and while waiting for the hairdresser, a random person will come up and without introduction start massaging my head. This last a few minutes, then they stroll off. I’ve always had thick hair so a good going over with the electric clippers gives me the feeling of freedom a sheep in New Zealand must get each spring. Cost 65,000rp. You can find way cheaper places in Kuta on Poppies I, II and Benesari if cost is a big issue fo you.
Right now the sun is blazing, though a shower later is on the cards. Here is the 10 day weather forecast in Bali.