SOS International: A good safety net for Bali

Tourists and visitors to Bali are faced with dangers they would not face in their own country. Apart from tropical diseases, many visitors ride motorbikes and expose themselves to risk. Fortunately their are places you can go if trouble strikes. This evening I visited one, SOS International in Kuta.

SOS International is a modern clinic open 24 hours. Located on the Bypass about 400 meters from the roundabout in the direction of Sanur, this place is a good option if you get injured / sick. My reason for visiting this evening was that Jevon fell off a bed and cracked his head on the floor. He fell asleep 1 minute later and swelling was evident. Not wishing to take any risks we rushed him to SOS for tests.

We were seen straight away and the doctor assured us he was going to be okay, most likely. When you have a young kid and he gets injured, the whole world stops. The doctor told us to monitor Jevon and if he starts vomiting for acting weird to come back for a CT scan. My bill was 230,000rp, which was no problem at all. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, I took the opportunity to pick up the X-rays of my shoulder, neck, spine and pelvis area that were taken in June. My shoulder injury took 6 months to clear up, my lower back now requiring a visit to the chiro, so the X-rays will still come in handy.

Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 505X
Kuta 80361, Bali,
24 Hours Alarm Centre:
(62) (361) 710 505 | Clinic: (62) (361) 720 100