Seminyak evening scene: A mixed bag

This evening I ate at the nasi padang place on Jl. Seminyak, drank a beer at Bush Telegraph, went home, couldn’t get online, came out, and am sitting here at an internet cafe. The time now is 9.12pm and the nightscene is getting warmed up. I smell like an armpit, after sweating all day, but some of my fellow emailers are fresh as a daisy.

Earlier I overheard a couple from Manchester telling a waiter how ‘bloody lovely’ Bali was and that they were coming back. Here at the internet cafe, Dutch tourists are talking to each other and sound like they have a mouth full of marbles. The guy to my left is the tanned older Italian, compulsory white outfit, cologne and look on his face that says ‘this is going to be a long one’. Just now a couple of hookers checked their email. Technology has penetrated where education has failed, now that cell phones and the internet are a means to an end.
Because of the weird party schedule here (you have sunset drinks at 5-6pm, dinner at 7pm….then wait till 11pm-12am to get going) people have to plan their evenings a bit. I see all the old hands creeping out of the woodwork, and all the local hookers stocking up on carbs at the local burger / nasi campur joints. Its takes stamina to be a successful Seminyak partier, maybe that’s why I never made it.