Peaceful New Years in Seminyak Bali

Bali had a peaceful New Years 2006. My New Years was especially quiet. I walked down to the Padang food place at the top of Jl. Seminyak called Pondok Dua. This place is decent and there were a table of 18 years western kids all talking about who was going to get the booze for later.

My meal was rice, chicken, and veg and with a small Aqua cost 9,000rp. I had 1 beer in a place called Lush on the corner of Jl. Kunti and Jl. Seminyak. At 9pm it was empty and a ligiht rain was coming down. Ika said she wanted to stay at home and watch Kung Fu Hussle, a Chinese movie. So that’ what we did. The most important things was nobody got blown up and people might actually come here in April.