Moving to Bali is easy if you have plan: Gaia Grant

grant010506.jpgPeople dream of moving to Bali. The image of a colorful culture, street processions, great weather and beach life is enticing. If you talk to expats you will hear stories of success and failure, of people who have tried to make it in Bali. One of the success stories is Andrew and Gaia Grant, Australian expats who live in Jimbaran. These 2 people are examples of a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Originally working as high school counselors in Sydney in the early 80’s, teaching personal development classes to at-risk students. Their teaching curriculum turned into a business and they started a publishing company. Working around the world with orphanges and in trouble spots, they came to Bali and a hotel manager suggested they take their counseling business and apply it to business executives staying in Bali.
Nowadays the Grants put on seminars to major corporations. Based in Jimbaran and living in the same house they as on their first trip, they can earn up to $20,000 a day for a seminar. By the way Gaia Grant has also written a book about her experience called ‘A Patch of Paradise