Meeting Yogya dancers at Galaxy in Seminyak

Last night I went down to Jl. Dhyana Pura for a drink and to check out the scene. Thursdays nights are quiet and I sat in Galaxy sipping a Bintang. Every Thursday night at 11pm they have fire dancers (2 guys in silver outfits twirling strings with flaming material on the end. It was pretty good, and I’m sure for those 2 guys, 10 minutes of that beats working in the rice paddy all day.

Galaxy is a lounge bar with a dance floor, it used to the Globe, then Black & White. A small Bintang cost me 15,000rp. Anyway after the firedancers came the sexy dancers. Everything is relative I suppose and compared to me, they were sexy. Other than that I thought they looked a bit chunky.
A group of young people from Yogya joined me and we watched the dancing which lasted 15 minute or so. They told me they were all working as dancers, the 2 guys at Musro in Tuban and the girls somewhere else. They got up for a second and showed of their moves and they could all hack it.