Meeting Cody in Canggu Bali

Saturday afternoon I rode out to Canggu, largely because I was bored and wanted to get out of the concrete jungle. My destination was the Beach House at Echo Beach in Canggu.

The Beach house gives you a comfortable beachside location from which to enjoy good food and drinks. I sampled a couple of Storm brewings offerings an made a few sms’s. One of those people who answered was Cody, from Oklahoma. He just got back 24 hours ago and we caught up. Cody said that he and his business partner Jeff, are thinking of moving closer to town (Seminyak). Right now they have a nice villa in Canggu, which is cool, but they would like to be closer to the action. Cody said they have several different eating options in Canggu, but would like a situation like me, where within a minutes bike ride I’ve got a hundred different places.
Always interesting to hear what other people have to say about living in Bali. Cody said living in Canggu means you have to make an effort to go out at night, seeing as its a drive. That means also that you don’t meet as many people as you would like.
At 6′ 3″, Cody initially chose a Honda Tiger as his means of transport. That’s a decent sized bike fior him. Now he’s on a scooter, and told me that the Tiger, although having twice the power, wasn’t so useful. It costs more to rent, you can’t go fast in traffic no matter what you’re riding, sometimes he cold not pass on the inside like scooter could, because he was too wide, and there is zero storage. My Supra Fit has a bucket sized hole I can put my poncho and other stuff in.
Cody told me his second cousin is a guy named Karl Mecklenberg, a famous former American football player with the Denver Broncos.
I told Cody I’d help him look for a new place to live in my area.