Ika’s new knife in Seminyak Bali

Ika comes from a simple background and preparing her own food is ingrained. I can relate to that and enjoy cooking to. Nowadays I’m just to busy to be bothered, but if I stopped blogging and opened a bead store maybe cooking would come back into the picture.

Ana and Ika sit on the kitchen floor chopping and cutting garlic, vegetables, meat, you name it. The knife they use is a cheap piece of crap, that will break sometime and hurt somebody. Being a lover of cold steel, I decided to invest in a new knife to help then with their daily chores. Recently joining Ace Hardware’s membership club and paying 200,000rp for the year, enables me to get 5% of everything I buy. The knives in Ace are good but expensive, and their block sets suck. But for only buying one knife, I chose an 8 inch chef’s knife for 170,000rp, made in Germany. This baby will by slicing and dicing for years to come.

At home I presented the new weapon and Ika said it looked scary. Trying it out she managed to nick her finger. “You can’t cut towards you with this thing,” I said, “you have to be careful.” Ana also thinks its scary, but when they need to get through something in a hurry they’ll be thanking me.