Giant spider in Seminyak Bali

Add another critter to the ever expanding list of wildlife that calls my house home. Ika pointed out a giant spider that lives in our garden. The thing must be 6 inches across and has built itself a very nice web. I’ll try to remember where it is located in case I come home late at night and decide to go poking around.

“Do you think its poisonous?” said Ika. I didn’t know, but most likely its not. When I lived in California they had trantula’s and at certain ties in the year they would migrate down the street.

Ana’s husband is very handy in the garden. He gets into the jungle with his machete and hacks down the bushes, which really helps to keep down the mosquitoes population. Not scared of the biting, ‘red tree ants’ he cuts the white flowering trees back, and helps with our allergies.